ProMe exhibiting at AAL Forum 2015

Are you visiting the AAL Forum 2015 in Ghent?

Come and meet the ProMe project consortium, and help us refine our technology platform!

Employment fills a large proportion of our lives and influences the way we live. It creates meaning, provides financial security, influences our social status, contributes to self-esteem, and has an impact on our social relationships at work and beyond.

The ProMe integrated technology platform seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for occupation in the life of older adults, in the transition from work to retirement and beyond by taking an active role as a mentor.

We are exhibiting at the AAL Forum 2015, held in Ghent Belgium between 22-25 September. View our prototype system, experiment with it, and give us your views!

Feel free to contact us before the Forum if you want to discuss anything or set up meetings.

Just email us: info at

We look forward to meeting you in September!