Project learning & interaction – European and national knowledge-sharing

Recently, SIVECO was invited to present the ProMe project at a meeting related to “Age Management Experiences” at ILPO55’s project meeting that took place in Bucharest on 8-9th of July 2015.

Intergenerational Learning Partnership Over 55 (ILPO55) is a project that aims at the creation of an Intergenerational Learning Partnership through supporting employability and reduce skills mismatch.

Both ILPO55 and ProMe projects address the same age group and both are targeting cross-generation issues. On the one hand ProMe is approaching a mentoring mentee relationship to ease the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another, while ILPO55 focuses on designing two qualifications in line with lifelong learning provisions: Adult Trainer & Social Responsibility Facilitator.

The participants in this consultation seminar were very interested in the ProMe project. Thus, we can share best practice information till the end of the project and contribute to sustainable implementation of age management and intergenerational approach.