Community of Practice at UC Leuven Limburg – 24th March 2016

To develop coaching and mentoring practice at the University College Leuven a Kick-off event “Coaching & Co” was held on 24th March in Leuven. The University College Leuven, one of the ProMe project partners, is developing a mentoring and coaching programme and used this event to develop further practice and engage with teachers, researches and managers.

During the day the following took place:

  • Participants were asked to reflect up front on what experience or issues around mentoring and coaching they would like to share with others or get peer coaching on
  • At the start of the event the participants were asked to choose a ‘picture’ from a wall that resonated with them and then sit with others around that picture, start to share and foremost start to connect.
  • Next step was a ‘speed dating’ exercise where colleagues could meet others and learn from each other how their coaching or mentoring practice looked like
  • Following that participants engaged in an intervision session where people got peer coaching on issues they encounter during their coaching or mentoring work, with students or with employees
  • After having an experience with group coaching people were offered a real experience with one on one coaching using the GROW methodology (with a tool that is also part of the ProMe Toolbox)
  • From these experiences participants were engaged in a brainstorm on how this community of practice could and should evolve further.
  • At the end of the day an ‘internal market’ was created where people could request help from colleagues or where they could offer to share something. A few examples: who wants to start an intervision group, I did research on coaching and am willing to share the results in a workshop, etc…

The next step is to continue to share tools and information in the network and a number of people came forward to design the next network activity in the fall.  Also some participants are taking smaller initiatives linked to what was launched during this Network kick-off.

This is the first step in creating connection between people and their experience which will allow us to develop our mentoring and coaching practice further and part of that further development could be the implementation on the online ProMe platform to support our mentoring and coaching activities.

You can view a slide show of pictures from the event below: