How can ProMe strengthen mentoring and coaching in organisations?

UC Leuven Limburg, one of the partners of the ProMe project held a Community of Practice around Mentoring, Coaching, Intervision, team coaching, etc…  called “Coaching & Co”.  The event took place on 24th March in Leuven as a place for all teachers, researches and managers in the organization to learn from and with each other around Mentoring and Coaching.  The idea is to develop this network further and take and further develop Mentoring and Coaching practice towards students but also towards staff as part of management practice.

As a University College in the business of ‘learning’, mentoring and coaching practices are important levers for learning.  The University envisages the use of the ProMe platform to strengthen the mentoring and coaching practice in several ways:

  • It could be the ‘online platform’ to support the activities of our Community of Practice (currently use Yammer to support ‘Coaching & Co’ on line)
  • It could be a powerful tool to coach our students during their internship
  • It could be a way for interns to find (outside the school) mentoring assistance from experienced professionals
  • It could be a way for starting teachers to find (within our outside) mentoring form other more experienced teachers
  • It could be a way to keep retired teachers as mentors involved with teacher training