End user testing starts in the Netherlands

The National Foundation for the Elderly, in the Netherlands, recently hosted an end user testing session for the ProMe platform. Four couples participated providing feedback about the platform and its functionalities.

The youngest mentee was 18 years old and the oldest mentor was 65 years old. Participants tested the platform and provided positive comments about the benefits it will have for users.  They also provided feedback on how the navigation of the site could be improved.

End user testing will continue into the New Year.  If you would like to participate in testing the platform please contact the ProMe Project Manager Katja Neureiter.  You can find contact details for Katja on the contact us page.

ProMe launches promotional video

ProMe has developed a promotional video showcasing the prototype online platform.  The video shows the functions and benefits of the online platform highlighting its usability, layout and features.

To view the video please click below.

Partners are very interested to hear feedback on the platform.  If you would like to participate in testing please contact the ProMe Project Manager Katja Neureiter.  You can find contact details for Katja on the contact us page.

ProMe showcases prototype website at the Ambient Assisted Living Forum in Ghent

ProMe partners unveiled the prototype version of the intergenerational cooperation and mentoring platform at the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Forum in Ghent on 22nd to 24th September 2015.  The partners exhibited at the forum to showcase the matchmaking and profiling functions of the platform and receive feedback from delegates about the look, feel and usability of the prototype.

The AAL Forum is an annual event that demonstrates existing and developing ICT solutions which enhance the lives and functional capabilities of older adults.  It attracts policy makers, ICT developers, manufacturers, health professionals, commissioners, businesses, venture companies, technologists, academics and designers.  This year saw the biggest Forum to date with 550 delegates, 22 exhibitors and over 150 presentations being made.

The event proved to be a success for ProMe with 44 people visiting the stand and 15 companies registering an interest in testing the platform.

The next stage in the project is to gain more feedback from users so the prototype can be developed further.

ProMe partners showcasing the prototype platform at the AAL Forum in Ghent

Project learning & interaction – European and national knowledge-sharing

Recently, SIVECO was invited to present the ProMe project at a meeting related to “Age Management Experiences” at ILPO55’s project meeting that took place in Bucharest on 8-9th of July 2015.

Intergenerational Learning Partnership Over 55 (ILPO55) is a project that aims at the creation of an Intergenerational Learning Partnership through supporting employability and reduce skills mismatch.

Both ILPO55 and ProMe projects address the same age group and both are targeting cross-generation issues. On the one hand ProMe is approaching a mentoring mentee relationship to ease the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another, while ILPO55 focuses on designing two qualifications in line with lifelong learning provisions: Adult Trainer & Social Responsibility Facilitator.

The participants in this consultation seminar were very interested in the ProMe project. Thus, we can share best practice information till the end of the project and contribute to sustainable implementation of age management and intergenerational approach.

ProMe exhibiting at AAL Forum 2015

Are you visiting the AAL Forum 2015 in Ghent?

Come and meet the ProMe project consortium, and help us refine our technology platform!

Employment fills a large proportion of our lives and influences the way we live. It creates meaning, provides financial security, influences our social status, contributes to self-esteem, and has an impact on our social relationships at work and beyond.

The ProMe integrated technology platform seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for occupation in the life of older adults, in the transition from work to retirement and beyond by taking an active role as a mentor.

We are exhibiting at the AAL Forum 2015, held in Ghent Belgium between 22-25 September. View our prototype system, experiment with it, and give us your views!

Feel free to contact us before the Forum if you want to discuss anything or set up meetings.

Just email us: info at inventya.com

We look forward to meeting you in September!


Consortia meeting, Manchester and progress at end of Y1

April 2015 saw the ProMe consortia meet in Manchester to review progress against milestones as the project reached the end of its first year. We had a very productive (and enjoyable) meeting where we focused specifically on platform development issues, system architecture & implementation, and then on graphical user interface designs.

For our end-user organisations and their individual users, platform design and creation of the ‘look and feel’ of the ProMe coaching & mentoring platform is vital. Our technical partners presented us with a variety of designs incorporating all the initial user  requirements & feedback collected earlier in the project, and there were lively discussions about these designs!

We are looking forward to finalising the front-end platform design and navigation in good time for iterative user evaluations scheduled over the summer of 2015!

AAL Forum 2014

From the 9th until the 12th of September the AAL forum took place in Bucharest, Romania. This year’s edition “Broader, bigger, better – AAL solutions for Europe”, focused on how to adopt AAL solutions in the market. PLUS presented a paper focusing on social-psychological aspects for knowledge sharing and how different forms of collaboration can be supported on the platform.

AAL partner Meeting in The Hague

On the 26th of June 2014, the Dutch AAL partners meeting took place at ZonMw (the Dutch AAL funding agency) in The Hague.

GlukAdvice was present in this meeting and respectively presented the ProMe project, its objectives and the challenges that we are facing. More issues that have been discussed during the meeting had to do with practices about exchange of experience in international cooperation and AAL-specific topics on the program, such as user involvement, project results to the market and (barriers) scaling. Success stories projects from previous AAL calls were also presented.

Kick-Off Meeting in Salzburg, 15th until 16th of April 2014

From the 15th until the 16th of April the Kick-Off Meeting for the project was held at the ICT&S Center (Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society) in Salzburg.

The main scope in the meeting was to get to know each other and discuss the first steps. Currently, a profound mentoring concept is being developed by the KH Leuven in cooperation with the ICT&S Center, which will be the basis for the mentoring activities, addressing socio-psychological aspects for knowledge sharing within a community as well as HCI perspectives. In order to bring in the user perspective of the mentor and mentee, the theoretical concept will be enriched with insights from user studies (e.g., workshops, interviews) through which end user requirements with respect to the intended platform are assessed. These user studies will be carried out in summer this year in Austria, Romania and the Netherlands.