The Project

ProMe seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for occupation in the life of older adults, in the transition from work to retirement and beyond. It allows professional intergenerational cooperation and mentoring via an online service platform, bringing together older adults with younger generations, based on theoretical concepts for mentoring.

Current professional social networks (e.g., Xing, LinkedIn etc.) allow strengthening social relations among people who, for example, share interests and activities. In addition to this, ProMe offers the opportunity for older adults’ meaningful occupation on a voluntary basis through taking an active role as a mentor. It encourages them to share their professional knowledge and expertise with younger generations, including those who are seeking career or more general life advice. ProMe enables older adults to continue and manage meaningful occupation, allowing them to take an active role in social and working life, even after retirement. This in turn creates value for the society and economy as a whole.

The ProMe platform will provide different opportunities for informal communication through a variety of functionalities, for example Video/Text-Chat, Email, Blogs, Forums, etc. It does not simply offer informal means of communication. Instead, it provides potential end users with the opportunity to take over different kinds of ‘mentoring roles’, supported by offering those functionalities that support specific roles best.